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This story has great legs; hop on and go for a ride! The Seraphinium , Aug 20, And more reviews! The world seems familiar and the setting, if not necessarily stock, contains all of the building blocks of a typical fantasy series. However, it's the story that hooks you. McHugh uses these building blocks merely as a backdrop for an engaging epic quest.

The character list grows as we move through his world, but the scope doesn't leave the reader reeling. Each subplot is carefully crafted to fit within the overarching tale. Remarkably, McHugh is able to move all of his threads forward without a loss in continuity. Book I ends at the conclusions of one of these subplots, leaving us mildly satisfied but hungry for more. I have already picked up Book II and am happy to report the second volume as well written as the first. This series is a must for fans of traditional fantasy who appreciate fresh and fantastic storytelling.

This book starts out a little slow like all books of this genre with a little background info that you find yourself glad for once it gets rolling. If you are a fan of books like this that can "transport" you to another place and make you feel like you are there, then this is for you.

I find myself currently waiting for book 4 with great anticipation. For those of you who read Eragon, you know how long Paulini made us wait.

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