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First, to be able to communicate with the hearing impaired, whose handicap is not always visible, and who may struggle with some everyday activities.

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Second, to get a unique skill that may come in handy in unexpected situations. And third, to learn something fun and unusual with friends! Just imagine, being able to talk secretly anywhere we want! Our instructors were all deaf; we had an interpreter for the introductory course, where we learnt basic terms and things about deaf culture. There are about a million deaf people here in Singapore, and those who sign usually use Signing Exact English SEE2 , where you sign every single word just as you say it, following the exact grammar and vocabulary used in the English language.

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This helps deaf children learn English better. Learning sign language was a totally new experience. In class, we mostly worked on basic terms like the days of the week, grammatical rules, and objects' names, in neatly structured and themed lessons. The lessons were about two hours long, with a half-hour break.

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Given how compact the lessons were, it was very important for us to practise on our own to apply what we learnt in class! At first, it was a bit weird. Not because the teacher is deaf or because it's a sign language class, but because at first it's weird to sign everything we say and shake our heads every time we sign a negative term like "no", "not", "never" or "shouldn't". It's when you can't use words to express yourself that you realise just how important talking really is in your everyday life! We quickly got used to it, though, and warmed up to each other.

Good thing that Jimmy and Elaine, our instructors for the introductory and intermediate courses, were patient and funny with us! In one of them we exchanged sign names a particular sign you adapt to your name; it could be your favourite hobby combined with your initials, for example and played a couple of rounds of Uno with a twist - everyone drew a card, and if two people drew the same card, each had to sign the other person's sign name first.

With everyone having to swop names with one another to add another level of difficulty, we had a good time getting confused and laughing at ourselves! We were also taught the importance of gestures - gesturing is basically miming or somehow showing what you're trying to say. Not all deaf people have been educated in SEE2, for personal or for financial reasons.

As such, we would need to learn to gesture and clearly express ourselves physically. This was a lot more difficult than it seems, especially when our minds kept telling us the proper sign instead of an actual gesture, falling back on our foundation in sign language. We laughed and had interactive activities working in groups and taking turns to stand in front and do what you can from what she taught us. What I enjoyed also is the day when June invited deaf people to join us to have an opportunity to communicate and interact with them so that we can perfect our skills in sign language.

As for me, I have gained a lot by attending this class because I am going to be able to implement it to my kids at school who have difficulty to communicate and also to the community. Looking forward to the advanced class in July. It was great getting to know June and to interact with the rest of my classmates.. I was so looking forward to doing this course as I wanted to do it since I can remember. The key is to practice all the time as there are so many signs that you tend to get confused at times..

Having been exposed to the deaf people of our community at one of our sessions, it really inspired me even more, that was a real eye-opener.. June was great fun, very helpful , extremely patient with us and an expert in her field of course.. I commend her for that.. Thanks again for the exposure to the deaf community and sharing so much of yourself with us. I loved the course. It was very informative and fun. When you taught me at UCT, we unfortunately only had you teach us for 6 months, as we had a different lecturer for the first 6 months.

When I saw you were doing this course, I immediately knew I wanted to learn more. The course was so much fun! It took me out of my comfort zone and taught me a lot about myself and other people. I had a lot of fun and learned a lot.

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Thank you so much for the fantastic course! We went because it sounded like a different and fun thing to do. I initially thought that maybe 15 weeks would be quite long, and that we would see how the course went and whether we would stay for the entire duration of the course. Well was I mistaken…from the first week where we met Junes lovely family, and every week thereafter, June made the lessons so much fun.

The hour and a half each week just flew by, and my daughter and I really looked forward to Tuesday evenings.

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We met such wonderful people on the course, and June opened our eyes to the world of the deaf. We were so sad when the course came to an end, and are now considering doing the advanced course. June is the most amazing teacher, she is so encouraging and gets the best out of her students. I cannot recommend this course highly enough, I would say it is one of the best that I have attended and I would encourage everyone to do it. I found that the SASL has opened my eyes to a whole new world that deaf people live in.

How long does it take to learn ASL?

It has given me the opportunity to communicate with the deaf and be a voice for them among the hearing people. I have really enjoyed learning SASL since it has been one of the things I have wanted to learn for a long time.

I really appreciated that the course was affordable to me and the price is very reasonable for everyone. I loved having June as my sign language teacher, not only because she has experience but because her love and passion for ALL people is just so inspiring! June gave me the opportunity to learn sign language through private lessons because of the fact that I am currently a first year student.

I finished my beginners course during the holidays. I learned to improve my signs faster by being able to communicate with her one on one. This gave me the opportunity to pick up extra signs along the way. I was able to understand and interpret what June was saying by just spending that time with her.

I liked the fact that June was prepared with every lesson and had certain tasks for me to do every day. This helped me develop my sign language. June always went the extra mile in all aspects. She would make the lessons fun by playing games and even let us practice communicating with deaf people. SASL has opened doors for me in many ways and I am truly grateful for June giving me the key to unlock those doors. We all laughed at each others mistakes which helped me tremendously.

For fun and a good laugh I would recommend anyone to join these classes. Thank you for being THE most amazing teacher ever and I have had many wonderful teachers. You showed me the enormous value of words, and hearing, and thinking, and humour — and how some hearing people are sometimes very boring because we do not think when we speak! It has been a pleasure and a privilege to be with you — and your family and friends — during these past few months.

Sometimes the Deaf is too far or very busy with something so stomping on a wooden floor is the quickest way to get their attention. The Deaf feel vibrations easily on most wooden or plastic things like tables, cups or the floor.


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Hearing aids can also give feedback when something gets too close to it, like a hand, arm or an object. If you are wanting to speak to a Deaf person, speak clearly and normally, be patient when they ask you to repeat. Often we have to guess what the speaker is saying based on the incorrect captions given to us. This is true in many cases for Children of Deaf Adults CODAs — they know that a Deaf goodbye takes an hour at least, so like my kids, they carry on playing or doing things until their Deaf parents insist that they are really done saying goodbye. You can email me at june signlanguagebyjune.

Hello, it has been quite a busy year so far and I hope that you remain well! Hello friends All the years I have been teaching South African Sign Language, I always get a few people asking me many questions about what the Deaf can or cannot do. You will be amazed to hear some of these questions: Can Deaf people drive? Read this fact: Deaf people tend to be safer drivers than hearing people because they pay more attention with their eyes.

When you have a conversation, do you remember what was being said?

Why you'll love learning live.

Yup, a few people seem to think that because I cannot hear, I cannot remember words. When Deaf people have a conversation, what do they talk about? We talk about normal things as any person would. Do Deaf people read braille? We can see… Can you read and write? While there extra efforts are made to learn to read and write without hearing sounds, the Deaf are able to read and write.

You can contact him via email: chrisjbo gmail. Look at the queue we skipped! This is how much fuel they use! The bookshop was big and quite busy! Sophie Woolley The course is great value because it provides a practical introduction to South African Sign Language and Deaf culture and enables me to communicate with deaf people. I encouraged all who were listening to attend your sign classes.

Thank you so so very much. Lee-Anne Papathanasiou I am so glad that I heard about the sign language course run by June — it has been so much fun and so exciting to learn a new language and to be able to now communicate with the Deaf.

Learning American Sign Language: Books, Media, and Classes

Thank you June for enriching my life with this much needed skill. Cikizwa Zondo It was good and fruitful Mondays because I gained a lot by learning sign language.

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  6. Thank you June, you are a star Lynette Knowles It was great getting to know June and to interact with the rest of my classmates.. Cara Geben I loved the course. June is such a fantastic sign language instructor. She made us feel homely and welcomed! Hello everyone!